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Introducing Househappy

I would like to welcome everyone to!

In the months since our launch, we have been excited to see the steady growth of the site and pleased to see it embraced by both the global and local real estate community.

Househappy officially launched on March 27th, 2013 but has been under active development since 2011. As a licensed broker with 25 years of real estate experience in California, Oregon and Washington, I saw the industry transition from brick and mortar to the web. Despite the potential of the internet to break down barriers, real estate is still a fragmented, regional industry. I created Househappy with one mission in mind—to simplify property search and make information accessible to everyone.

Though we are still in our infancy and will continue to expand and develop our site and services, Househappy will always operate under 3 principle tenets:

  1. Househappy is free to use and always will be. As a .org, everyone will always have access to search and post properties for sale around the world without charge.
  2. We believe in photo-driven real estate search. Photos are the number one thing people want to see when searching for a home online. The minimalist, photo-driven design ensures the site is easy to use. You will not be distracted by unnecessary data or ads on Househappy.
  3. Househappy is a user-generated, community platform. Providing user-generated content with the option for 30, 60, or 90 day property posts ensures that we are presenting the most accurate and up-to-date information. We’ve also incorporated social features to make it easier for everyone to communicate and share. In other words, Househappy was created to serve the collective interests of everyone.

Ultimately, we have worked hard to design a beautiful, simple real estate search experience, whether you’re a broker, seller or buyer. This blog will be a place for us to update everyone on the latest developments with our company, give advice or tips on how to most effectively use the site, and provide you with the latest news from the real estate industry.

I hope you enjoy and I welcome any feedback, comments or questions you might have.

All the best,

Kevin McCloskey,
Founder & CEO