Converted Churches: Why They Make Great Homes

Househappy —  July 22, 2013 — 1 Comment

First Presbyterian Church, Redmond, Oregon

While small, newly built alternative living spaces are growing in popularity, let’s not forget about recycling. Converting buildings not intended for residential use into homes is a great way to recycle and preserve history at the same time. In the past few years converted churches have become a sought-after real estate commodity. Here’s why they make great homes:

  • Awe-inspiring scale: The structure of a church offers a living space that is a different scale–bigger, taller–than regular houses.

  • Open floor plan: The open floor plan and expansive vertical space allow many living options; a bright, open kitchen that flows seamlessly into a dining room, or a lofted bedroom above a spacious work studio.

  • Historical significance: The architectural style of a church is representative of a historical moment and culture of a town. By converting a church into a home, you are preserving history, while living in a beautiful, unique space.

  • Design opportunity: The renovation process provides adventurous homeowners with endless design possibilities.

Inspired? Check out this $459,000 church for sale on Househappy: The First Presbyterian Church of Redmond was built in 1912 and is the oldest standing church structure in Redmond, OR. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001 for its Gothic Revival architectural style, which features asymmetrical design and pointed arches. This post can be found in its original form by clicking here

Intrigued? Check out these photos of beautifully renovated churches.

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