Househappy at Web Summit: A Recap

Househappy —  November 13, 2013 — Leave a comment

Robyn Woodman, head of Househappy Biz Dev, chatting with Summit attendees

With our funding announcement and new additions to our team, we’ve had quite the busy week around the Househappy office! But before too much time passed, we wanted to give all of our supporters a recap of our recent trip to Web Summit.

Dublin was a great opportunity to both meet others in the tech industry and check out other startups, as well as present Househappy to an international audience. During our two days at Web Summit, our booth was consistently packed with people looking to learn more about our platform and discuss how we believe Househappy can be a solution to many of the existing problems in the real estate industry. We received a variety of productive feedback, much of which reaffirmed that Househappy’s strength is the simplicity of our platform and the capability to search real estate visually.

The Summit ended with a a discussion with the Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and Elon Musk, founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, co-founder of PayPal, and Chairman of SolarCity. We left Dublin feeling inspired, revitalized, and ready to keep building.



From start to finish, Househappy redefines the modern homeownership experience by providing solutions for home search and maintenance. Sometimes life can distract us from proper home upkeep. That’s why we created Househappytrax, a technology tool designed to simplify home management by storing your home’s DNA. We send a trained professional to gather 250+ points of data specific to your house. The app features document storage, seasonal to-do lists and reminders, a maintenance and improvements calendar, discounts on home products and services, and you can even find trusted home services providers in your area -- all in one convenient location, accessible on any device.

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