What Your House Says About Your Personality

Househappy —  December 9, 2013 — 2 Comments

Have you ever wondered what message the style of your house sends to others? From bungalows to colonial, the style of your house can be a window into your personality.


Bungalow style home in Portland, Oregon, via Househappy.org

Bungalow: Natural and Adaptable

People who live in Bungalow homes appreciate things that are rugged, adaptable and economic in design. “For these people it’s all about comfort that is organic and natural,” says Rikki Nyman, editor of AntiqueHomeStyle.com.

Colonial home, via About.com

Colonial: Traditional and Iconic

Colonials are the iconic family home and one of the most popular styles in the United States. “People who live in Colonial homes are solid, grounded, successful, and sensible,” says Nyman.


Spanish style home, via worldhousedesign.com

Spanish: Colorful and Welcoming

Spanish style homes are spirited and are all about making entertaining comfortable and relaxed. “These homes are casual and pleasant to live in. They offer lots of color and a lot of different textures and often feature large patios or other uncovered outdoor spaces for socializing,” says Nyman.


Ranch style home for sale in Redlands, California, via Househappy.org

Ranch: Unpretentious and Practical

The Ranch style of home is long, low and asymmetrical in layout, with private space separated from living space. The ranch style of home is a great choice for those who are economical, practical and looking for easy living features.


Cottage home, via Southern Living

Cottage: Casual and Charming

People who choose to live in Cottages opt for a charming, easy way to live. “Cottages are, by definition, all about comfort, right sizing, and scaling to conform with your real self and not the Joneses,” says Nyman.


Craftsman home, via Homesessive

Craftsman: Artistic and High-Quality

The Craftsman style of home is down-to-earth, with simple yet strong designs. “People drawn to these homes are often artistic individuals who appreciate handmade products, high quality craftsmanship, and slow design,” says Nyman. These homes are not opulent – rather they’re simple, clean, and well designed.


Tudor style home, via WSJ

Tudor: Storybook and Enchanting

Of the Romantic style of houses, the Tudor home is the most popular, as many are drawn to their fairytale-like appeal. “Owners love that they’re rich in design with mixed patterns and unique characteristics,” says Nyman.


Contemporary home, via HomeDSGN

Contemporary: Nontraditional and Distinct

The hallmark of a Contemporary home plan is its “simplistic distinctiveness,” according to MonsterHousePlans.com. People attracted to this type of home like newer construction and all that comes with it, including more energy and cost efficiency as well as more space.

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