8 Simple Ways to Go Green in the New Year

Househappy —  January 7, 2014 — Leave a comment

Considering going green in 2014? Here are 8 cost saving changes you can make to have a greener home.

Check Craigslist and local vintage shops before buying new. Instead of buying all new things, look around at local vintage shops and online to help save money on used items. Keep a wish list of items that you want so you can get into the habit of searching for them every so often, since finding the perfect vintage piece takes time.

Swap one thing from disposable to reusable. Paper towels may be convenient, but not very good for the environment. Replacing them with reusable cloth towels will save you money and space in the landfill. Just buy cheap ones buy the dozen and make sure to put a small laundry basket in the kitchen.

Switch to a deliciously fragrant natural cleaner. There is no need to spray your counters with harsh chemicals when there are many natural all-purpose cleaners out there. Also if you choose one with essential oils, it will make your kitchen smell fresh and not like chemicals. Plus natural cleaners are safe to use around kids and pets.

Leave shoes at the door. The bottoms of our shoes are breeding grounds for nasty stuff, so make it a house rule that everyone takes their shoes off when they enter. This will help keep your floors cleaner longer so you can spend less time vacuuming and mopping.

Rely on natural light during the day. Get in the habit of leaving the lights off during the day to enjoy the natural light. This is an easy change to make and can help you save energy.

Stop using plastic water bottles. If you are in the habit of buying plastic water bottles, it is time to give them the boot. Purchase a water filter and use glass containers to store fresh clean water. This will help cut down on plastic waste and save you money.

Plant a garden. Whether it is a planting box of lettuce, a pot of peppers or a window box of herbs – gardening doesn’t have to take up a lot of your space or time. Start small and enjoy the benefits of eating fresh food straight from your own backyard!

Learn to reuse and upcycle. Before you toss something, think about whether there might be another use for it. Maybe you could use a torn blanket and turn it into a pillow cover or store things in those old glass jars. Use your creativity to see what you can do with something before you toss it.

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