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British designer Dion Star tasked himself with an unusual project: create an original typeface using trash found on a beach in Cornwall, England.

His methodology?

• Pick up any piece of Marine Debris that is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper. (No bottles, cans, plastic bags, crisp packets or chocolate wrappers).
• No manipulation of the objects.
• Stop collecting when I have all 26 letters.
• Document all that I find.

Images and video: © Dion Star

Source: Moco Loco


Apartment Therapy put together a collection of living rooms from their Small Cool Contests. Each of these teensy yet efficient spaces shows that comfortable things sometimes come in small packages.

Images: via Apartment Therapy

Mattresses are one of the most difficult things to buy. And then lugging it back to your house? An impossible feat.

Enter Casper. The New York City-based startup offers American-made memory foam mattresses, designed for comfort. They offer a 40 day trial period, hefty product guarantee, and free shipping. (Oh, and same-day bike delivery in Manhattan.) Plus, their prices, starting at $500, are a dream.

If sleeping on a Casper is as enjoyable as their online experience, buying a mattress anywhere else seems downright nightmarish.


Modern Sprout’s plug-in planters feature a hidden top-feed hydroponics system that delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots of three separate plants. Finishes include reclaimed wood and chalkboard (shown here with gorgeous hand-lettering by Frances MacLeod).

“Self-watering, self-feeding, soil-less, and simple to set up.” Sounds like our kind of planter.

Images: Julia Stotz for Modern Sprout

When her friend began purchasing and renovating large homes, photographer Heather Weston found herself bemoaning the tiny 450-square-foot apartment that she shares with her husband, daughter, and their cats in New York City. So she channeled what could have been negative energy into a creative pursuit.

Heather spent the next 52 weeks photographing families in New York City and Washington, D.C., documenting the different ways that we occupy the spaces that we call home. (You can see more of the series on her blog.)

The perfect antidote to keeping up with the Joneses.

Images: © Heather Watson

Source: Huffington Post

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DesignSponge posted a sneak peek from one of our local favorites, Schoolhouse Electric.


Images: Schoolhouse Electric