Happy Links: Emoji Psychoanalysis and Kittens

Househappy —  June 13, 2014 — Leave a comment

Happy Links 6-13

1. Orange is the New Black acted out by kittens. (avclub.com)

2. A cup that knows what you’re drinking. (fastcodesign.com)

3. Add a soundtrack to your photos. (theguardian.com)

4. 2014 Furniture Design Trends—sketched. (core77.com)

5. Two-ingredient nutella brownies? Yes please. (thekitchn.com)

6. We love Nike’s World Cup commercial. (youtube.com)

7. Emoji psychoanalysis. (jezebel.com)

8. Game of Thrones characters #TBT (mashable.com)

9. Design your dream home quiz. (designbywhatmatters.com)

10. Happy weekend! Kick it off with a classic negroni. (imbibe.com)



From start to finish, Househappy redefines the modern homeownership experience by providing solutions for home search and maintenance. Sometimes life can distract us from proper home upkeep. That’s why we created Househappytrax, a technology tool designed to simplify home management by storing your home’s DNA. We send a trained professional to gather 250+ points of data specific to your house. The app features document storage, seasonal to-do lists and reminders, a maintenance and improvements calendar, discounts on home products and services, and you can even find trusted home services providers in your area -- all in one convenient location, accessible on any device.

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