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With our headquarters located in Portland, Oregon, we at Househappy are pretty accustomed to the idea of city chickens.

But in other cities that are newer to urban farming, like Manhattan, navigating the do’s and don’ts can be tricky. The New York Times recently wrote about the difficulties of growing your own in the Big Apple—especially when it comes to neighbors and real estate valuations.

Some brokers say that a well-maintained urban farm can add to a property’s value, while others say that a vegetable garden is a better asset than a rustic chicken coop. (Although chicken diapers can help with smell and mess.) And for those with neighbors who raise chickens, rabbits, or bees, selling an adjacent unit could be difficult if potential buyers see the hobby as a nuisance.

So is the city chicken here to stay? Are micro gardens the future of nourishing city dwellers?


Image: Flickr

Spotted over at Freshome, we love this industrial-looking outdoor grill.

The goal was to create outdoor items that that could withstand the elements without requiring major care. The rugged fire pit and barbecue, designed by Materia Litica, features reinforced concrete made of marble and red quebracho tree legs.

Source: Freshome

Images: Material Litica


1. Loving Cassandra Smith’s hand-painted knots. (

2. Need a good cry? Check out this dog’s last day on earth. (

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4. Stylish flat-pack furniture, now a reality. (

5. Charles and Ray Eames do modern materials. (

6. A year of photos from outside one woman’s window. (

7. DIY bug bite balm. (

8. Making friends at #ICSF! (

9. Let Jenny Lewis take you into the weekend! (

Our new summer crush? This playful, geometric debut from home accessories company Arro Home.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the new label is currently accepting preorders on their diverse range of home goods, including bedding, ceramics, and quilts. (We want them all.)

Images: Arro Home

Source: CoolHunting


Imagine if you could harness all the artwork the Internet has to offer. Now imaging that you can access all of those digital creations for display in your own home.

Electric Objects, a collective based in New York, is aiming to deliver a uniquely digital art experience with their EO1 computer. A high-definition screen and integrated computer, EO1 either hangs on your wall or sits on a shelf with a unique stand—projecting various digital works.

The team is even working with major art museums, libraries, and online communities (including Giphy and Behance) to bring a variety of visuals into your home. Check out their successful Kickstarter campaign here.

Images: Electronic Objects

Sometimes it’s hard to incorporate greenery into a space. That’s why we’re always impressed to find unusual gardens.

Vogue Living put together this group of nine vertical gardens that take green thumbs to new heights.

Images: Vogue Living


One of our favorite blogs and creative minds, Tina Roth Eisenberg from Swiss Miss, posted this adorable video for Tattly. (Another one of her inspiring side projects.)