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Summer is our favorite season. Hiking, camping, surfing, or just bopping around town, we love packing up a few things and taking off.

We spotted these rugged, retro backpacks from YKRA over at Cool Hunting. YKRA is based in Budapest, run out of the basement of the town’s only surf bar. Each sack is built by hand and made to last. (Now, if only summer would last as long.)

Images: YKRA

Since Househappy is based in the Pacific Northwest, we’re well aware of the wonders of Douglas fir.

So we were happy to see Dwell’s roundup of decorating ideas that prominently display this natural wonder. Rugged, rustic, and often reclaimed, it’s one of our favorite materials.

Source: Dwell

Thunder only happens when it’s raining. (Right?)

Unless it’s artist Richard Clarkson’s “Cloud” lighting fixture, an interactive piece that simulates a thunderstorm. Flickering light and sound changes based on external input from either a remote control or motion sensors. You can see more at Colossal or on Clarkson’s site.

Source: Colossal

The American Institute of Architects posed an interesting question as part of their latest design competition: “How could better pop-up booths make life easier for farmers and help them show off their products?”

Top of the crop are four designs that consider the mobile nature of market stands, quickly folding down, popping up, and doubling as a cart when possible. Check out the winning designs over at Fast Company.

Images: via Fast Company

Get back to basics, get back to nature—both are in reach with this boxy getaway designed by Czech studio Uhlik Architekti.

Nestled in a forest setting in central Bohemia, there are two levels in the micro building. One half features a level surface that can be used as a dining area and the other half hold a steps that fold back and forth, acting as seating areas, sleeping nooks, and storage.

The owners use it for parties, events, and meditation.

Source: Dezeen

Images: Jan Kudej