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It may not seem like it upon first glance, but building this gorgeous vacation home in the Belgian countryside was a complicated endeavor. The house looks entirely appropriate among the rustic surroundings and nearby historical homes, but it’s also modern and minimal. Respecting the history of the area was of utmost importance to the architects overseeing the project (Dehullu Architecten). They sourced local materials and matched the roofline and other key architectural features of home style typical to the area. The result is a gorgeous home full of natural light that feels open to the beautiful surroundings, and looks fresh and new, yet also completely classic. Who could ask for more?

Source: Freshome


An Italian company called CoeLux just created an LED skylight that produces artificial sunlight so real it can trick the human brain and even a camera into thinking it’s real.

Artificial light has gotten a bad wrap over the years, mostly due to just not feeling, well, natural, but this nanoparticle-based technology could mean a breakthrough for bringing natural-seeming artificial light to windowless homes and commercial spaces. Could it also be a cure for bad indoor photos? A help for those suffering from seasonal depression? The possibilities are endless! We look forward to seeing much more from CoeLux in the future.

Source: PetaPixel


If your home or apartment has an uncovered laundry closet (an unsightly alcove with a stacked washer and dryer inside) we may have just found the solution to your problems.

The always wise Remodelista recommends this quick and “dirty” DIY hack featuring affordable Home Depot parts to create a vintage yet oh-so-fresh look for your laundry nook in an afternoon. , even a renter could tackle this project. Take a look at the pictures below, and click through for the how-to.


Source: Remodelista



A New York City architect got a special request from a client when he was asked to construct a custom modern chicken coop for their home in the Hamptons. It was a unique challenge, but he was up for it, and started pouring over DIY manuals on building, as he called them in The New York Times, “hippie how-to chicken coops.”

His goal was to translate high-design ideas in a way that they wouldn’t look out of place in the context of a farm, and we think he struck the perfect balance of rustic and glamorous, or “chicken chic.”

Source: The New York Times

When we came across these dreamy pictures on Better Living Through Design, they sent us on an instant and much-needed mental vacation.

We were transported to a far away place, and now we’re planning and scheming. Our thoughts are full of warm nights spent looking across a lake, of barbecues and bonfires and friends’ faces illuminated by firelight.

The Prism Steel Chiminea from Terrain makes us think of all these things, and we want it. Winter is long, we’ve got to fill the time somehow. So until the warmer weather arrives, we’ll be here dreaming.

Source: Terrain