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There is something truly charming about attics. If you happen to possess one, you should consider yourself lucky! Even though they are usually small, attic rooms are cosy and easy to clean. In addition, they can be transformed in all sorts of creative ways. Here are five great ideas you could use to turn the attic space into a lovely sanctuary at home.

  1. Office Room

One of the best advantages of attics is that they are separated from the rest of the rooms at home. Thus, they can provide you with privacy and independence. The attic space would be sufficient for your computer, folders and office materials. One good trick is to pick white color for the ceiling, walls and furniture, so that the room looks brighter and bigger. In addition, pay good attention to the windows during the office cleaning. You need a good source of natural light in order to have a healthy work environment.

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  1. Relaxation room

Have you ever dreamt to have your own meditation or yoga room? You can easily transform your attic into one. Just think about all the objects that have a relaxing effect on you: candles, crystals, pyramids, plants, incense sticks – just use your imagination. Remember that it is important to keep this room clean and well aired for your breathing exercises.

  1. Home library

If you are a true book lover, you are probably suffering from lack of space for your books. The attic could turn into a lovely home library for all your books and magazines. You can buy extra shelves and even arrange books by type or author. Get yourself a comfortable sofa and a coffee table. And be careful! Once you have that cozy library ready, you might end up moving in the attic.

  1. Home movie theater

Just like book worms, cinema lovers dream of some space of their own. The attic room could be the best place for the purpose. There they can gather with friends, eat popcorn and watch movies for hours. Keep in mind that this room is likely to be quite messy! It would need regular cleaning…or at least spring cleaning.

  1. Games and crafts room

One great option is to turn the attic into a room for leisure activities. Think about your favorite games. Playing cards, chess, monopoly and all sorts of board games would be ideal for the purpose. In addition, you can bring and practice there your favorite crafts, such as pottery, knitting, jewelry making and painting (a lot of carpet cleaning here!). The attic could be your personal sanctuary for creativity and relaxation, or a place for noisy entertainment with your family and friends.

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