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Fall Back: First Signs of Autumn

Househappy —  September 10, 2014 — 1 Comment

It’s a chilly morning in Portland!

While we still have a couple more weeks of summer, we’re already starting to feel fall’s arrival. So when we saw this photo series showcasing autumn’s colors over at 79 Ideas, it seemed only appropriate to share.

Source: 79 Ideas

When her friend began purchasing and renovating large homes, photographer Heather Weston found herself bemoaning the tiny 450-square-foot apartment that she shares with her husband, daughter, and their cats in New York City. So she channeled what could have been negative energy into a creative pursuit.

Heather spent the next 52 weeks photographing families in New York City and Washington, D.C., documenting the different ways that we occupy the spaces that we call home. (You can see more of the series on her blog.)

The perfect antidote to keeping up with the Joneses.

Images: © Heather Watson

Source: Huffington Post


Is it possible to take a selfie of a house? Not only is it possible, it’s imperative—88% of prospective homebuyers say that they want to see photos first.

Instagram has set the bar for visual inspiration, with tastemakers, celebrities, and brands posting to the photo-driven social network. So it makes sense that sellers and agents look to the platform for tips on how to best represent homes online.

We rounded up the five most important tips for achieving the ultimate “house selfie.”

1. Snap the details. While it’s important to include major features and overall rooms, it’s also helpful to include details that make the house unique. Whether it’s crown moulding, built-in shelving, or luxe fixtures, show why your home stands apart.

2. Take lots of photos. Taking the “perfect” photo creates a lot of pressure. Once you get into the flow, it’s easy to snap dozens of pics. The more, the better—you’ll find that it’s easier to experiment with composition and lighting when you know you have a large reserve of shots.

3. Be a ruthless editor. Since you have so many photos to choose from, it will be easy to narrow down the best images. Consider diversity when selecting photos to represent your home, both in terms of style and what is shown. Ask for input from trusted sources when reviewing your final selection.

4. Frame, don’t filter. It’s important that the images you choose don’t create a “bait and switch” scenario for prospective buyers. To that end, don’t use filters to enhance your photos. Instead, rely on images that frame the house

5. Follow influencers for inspiration. If you feel unsure of what makes a good photo, follow some design influencers on Instagram to learn more. Here are just a few of our personal favorites:


Old Brand New

Apartment Therapy

The Design Files

Bright Bazaar

Design Sponge

Interior Designers/Architects

Grant K. Gibson

House of Honey

Kelly Wearstler

Jasper Conran

The Architext

Image: @thedesignfiles

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.37.52 AM

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we set out on a hunt for contemporary Irish artists. And we found inspiration in the work of Dublin-based photographer Miriam O’Connor.

Her collection “Attention Seekers” focuses on “the curious details that make up the visual world we are passing through… the images represent, above all, a deep curiosity around looking and seeing, and a preoccupation with the impression that these scenes in some way return the gaze.”

Miriam’s photos encourage us to contemplate the absurdity of mundane objects, find humor in the everyday, and linger on the details. Take a moment to enjoy her point of view.


Photos: Miriam O’Connor


Are you a sun-worshipper? Admit it—there’s nothing quite as luxurious as lounging in a sun-drenched room. To get a jump start on that extra hour of sunshine that we’ll be enjoying when we spring forward this weekend (Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9), we went in search of sunny interiors. Lucky for us, Dwell put together this roundup of six bright, beautiful rooms. Consider us converted.

Photos: via Dwell

The generalist is an online design magazine—and it’s our newest blog crush. The creative minds behind the site curate beautiful images and fill you in on the details behind the design, decoration, and people involved.

“We’re a destination that’s determinedly non-niche. Innovative or folksy, poignant or funny, sexy, beautiful, brutalist or plush, cheap or exorbitantly chic—we like it, we run it.”

We love it.

A few of our favorite images from the generalist below:


3409 SW Seola Lane, Seattle, WA 98146

The incredible view of Puget Sound isn’t the only reason we selected this 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home as our Property of the Week! In addition to being a beautifully designed contemporary home, this post serves as a prime example of how to use high quality real estate photography to successfully market your property.

Broker Darin Cruzen of RE/MAX Metro Realty has utilized photos that employ a few easy tricks to highlight the property’s best features. Simple strategies like shooting into corners, using good lighting, and taking photos from the height in which a particular room is most frequently used, help showcase the superior finishes and functional flow of this 4,540 square foot space.

Custom-built to withstand the elements of beach front living, this modern marvel is located in Seattle, Washington and is on the market for $2,450,000. For more photo tips, check out our previous post A Lesson in Real Estate Photography.

This property post can be found in its original form by clicking here, or view complete gallery below.