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We LOVE this invention. Pon is a pushpin that holds up your artwork using the same tension functionality of a paperclip, without puncturing the paper. Its inventors call it “preventing picture puncture.” Its clever design allows you to display and preserve your favorite items and artwork, then switch them out when you’re ready.

Pon is currently available through their Kickstarter.

Source: Pon


It may not seem like it upon first glance, but building this gorgeous vacation home in the Belgian countryside was a complicated endeavor. The house looks entirely appropriate among the rustic surroundings and nearby historical homes, but it’s also modern and minimal. Respecting the history of the area was of utmost importance to the architects overseeing the project (Dehullu Architecten). They sourced local materials and matched the roofline and other key architectural features of home style typical to the area. The result is a gorgeous home full of natural light that feels open to the beautiful surroundings, and looks fresh and new, yet also completely classic. Who could ask for more?

Source: Freshome


An Italian company called CoeLux just created an LED skylight that produces artificial sunlight so real it can trick the human brain and even a camera into thinking it’s real.

Artificial light has gotten a bad wrap over the years, mostly due to just not feeling, well, natural, but this nanoparticle-based technology could mean a breakthrough for bringing natural-seeming artificial light to windowless homes and commercial spaces. Could it also be a cure for bad indoor photos? A help for those suffering from seasonal depression? The possibilities are endless! We look forward to seeing much more from CoeLux in the future.

Source: PetaPixel


If your home or apartment has an uncovered laundry closet (an unsightly alcove with a stacked washer and dryer inside) we may have just found the solution to your problems.

The always wise Remodelista recommends this quick and “dirty” DIY hack featuring affordable Home Depot parts to create a vintage yet oh-so-fresh look for your laundry nook in an afternoon. , even a renter could tackle this project. Take a look at the pictures below, and click through for the how-to.


Source: Remodelista



Whether you’re snowed in or not, this time of year it’s only normal to develop a serious case of cabin fever after logging several month’s worth of major “inside time.”

One of the best fixes for this? Spruce up your living space! But that doesn’t have to mean a trip to Ikea or splurging on expensive designer-made home goods. You can do this room refresh for free, with things you already have lying around. But you’ll need a little creativity, and some expert styling advice from Refinery 29. We gave one of their suggestions a try, and created a “color story” shelf using items we had around the Househappy office in shades of turquoise and brown (image above). Did we pull it off?

See more tips below, and click through for a slideshow of simple yet brilliant ideas.

Move furniture away from walls to create intimate seating areas that look intentional.

Frame an old letter or a page from a magazine, and arrange it artfully with other items from your home, and from outdoors.

Use twine to give an old chair a new look. You can wrap the arms, legs, and even weave it to create a new back.

Pull pages from a damaged book to create a no-cost wall hanging.

When in doubt, slap on a coat of bright paint to give you and your old furniture a new lease on life!

Here’s their take on a color story shelf featuring metalics and black.

Source: Refinery 29

We are currently coveting this chic little wall-mounted shelf, not only for its gorgeous and minimalist design, but for its hidden multiple uses.

In one mode the console has an angled edge meant to easily hold hangers, which makes it possible to feature beautiful garments alongside trinkets and art pieces. The shelf’s slim surface area encourages the owner to edit down the pieces displayed to only the very favorites from their personal collection, which is definitely a good thing when going for a less-is-more aesthetic.

The Cohabitation Console from Dot and Bo  comes in a choice of Walnut, White Oak, or Ash wood.

Source: Better Living Through Design


It’s that time of year. You’re probably starting to think a vacation somewhere warm sounds pretty good right about now. Well, we hear you. That’s why we want to share these incredibly beautiful photographs, to send you on a virtual vacation to the magical mists of Kauai, where photographer Jess Bianchi documented the construction of The Kauai Cottage, an off-the-grid Hawaiian hideaway.

Built and designed by San Francisco artist and surfer Jay Nelson, the philosophy behind the project was to encourage residents of the cabin to “live simply and small and only use what you need,” according to Jess. “In a time of excess when everyone seems to be building bigger and higher, we wanted to experiment with a simpler kind of living.” And at only 200 square feet, it is certainly less living space than most people are used to. But the detail and care that went into crafting the reclaimed redwood structure is evident in every inch, and the natural beauty surrounding the structure is truly inspiring. Plus there’s no TV to distract or take you out of the moment, and you can pick fruit right off the front porch! Isn’t that pretty much the definition of paradise?

If this sounds like a place you need to visit for real, and not just look at on the internet, we have good news: the owners are currently discussing the possibility of opening the cottage to the public in the near future, and have plans to add solar panels, a garden, and possibly build another structure on the property. Until then, take a look at the photos below and drift away on an imagination vacation. Aloha!



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Source: Jess Bianchi