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Inman News stopped by the Househappy booth in Start Up Alley and spoke with Robyn Woodman, head of business development, about Househappy’s photo-driven search and how the site functions for mobile devices.

Househappy will be at booth #S20 at the Real Estate Connect conference in New York City through Friday, January 17th.

Watch the video below or check out the compete article at Inman News!

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“Let’s say—just for a minute—that you’re omnipotent and you can reinvent real estate search… What would you do? Would you tear out all the charts, graphs, maps, lead forms, banner ads, analytics, calculators, other agents, and flashing buttons and strip the listing down to just the essential information? Would you make your user interface soothing and simple? Would you ensure that each listing ONLY shows the agent and/or broker who actually represents the listing? And would you make the whole site free for everyone to use, forever? If that sounds exactly like what you’d do, then you need to head over to”

In a promo video and comprehensive written review, Eight11 marketing and technology real estate consultant, Tracy Weir, determines that Househappy’s platform is beautiful, but asks: Is it effective?

With almost three decades of marketing experience––including a stint at Inman News as the chief marketing and sales officer––Weir is certainly the right person to answer this question.

Her assessment touches on everything from Househappy’s visual search, clean design, detailed property posts, and ad-free interface, to her interview with Househappy founder and CEO, Kevin McCloskey.

While Weir is certainly a tough critic, she makes one thing clear in the end:

“Househappy is a pleasure to use, plain and simple.”

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new1 jpegA week after the site’s global launch on March 27th, 2013, was featured in a segment on Portland’s KGW Newschannel 8. Via interviews with Househappy Founder & CEO, Kevin McCloskey, and Robyn Woodman from Business Development, KGW business reporter Joe Smith provides an overview of Househappy’s site and services, as well as a behind the scenes look into our offices in Portland’s Pearl District.

“The real estate industry is on the rebound and it just got another tool to help connect buyers with sellers,” said Smith. “It’s called, a website developed…with one goal in mind: Make it simple, keep it simple, and simply sell property.”

Smith’s segment highlights some of Househappy’s main features including:

  • Photo-driven property posts

  • User-friendly search filters

  • Comprehensive profiles to connect buyers, sellers, and brokers

However, the site is probably best summarized by McCloskey himself, who cites “visual search, simplicity, minimalism, and good design,” as Househappy’s defining principles. “It’s a visual search of properties for sale,” he continued. “Brokers, sellers, and buyers can search and post anywhere in the world for free.”

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