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The days are finally getting longer and warmer weather is just around the corner. Apartment Therapy put together this home refresh plan to help ready your house for the season ahead. (We think the suggestions below are just as useful for agents working on getting a home market-ready.)

1. Clean the kitchen. Get your kitchen ready with a deep clean—counters, floors, appliances, and surfaces. Clear out your pantry and fridge and scrub them down. This way you can be ready for all the fresh fruits and veggies that you’ll be bringing home from the farmer’s market.

2. Lighten up your linens. Take inventory of your warm-weather bedding to see what needs replacing. Also make sure to wash your heavy quilts before you store them away.

3. Buy something colorful. Move away from dreary winter colors and buy something cheerful! It could be anything from one bright patterned pillow to a framed art print—just choose something that makes you smile.

4. Wash the windows. Don’t wait until the sun shines to realize how dirty your windows are from snow and rain. Give them a good wash now to save you some time later.

5. Bring in something alive. Add potted plants or artfully arranged flowers to living areas to help get your mind in springtime mode.

6. Take stock of your closet. Get ready for that first warm day by digging out your spring clothes and taking stock. Take care of any repairs and figure out what new items you will need to buy.

7. Clean your ceiling fans. Clean off the blades of your ceiling fans so that a layer of dust doesn’t fly off when you go to turn them on.

8. Consider your curtains. Switch out your thick, heavy curtains and replace them with some light and airy ones that will bring the sunshine indoors.

Photo: Apartment Therapy