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We’re kicking off a new series on our blog, profiling designers who catch our eye and make us think. We’re starting with the clever and colorful Emily Henderson. Her blog, Style By Emily Henderson, is a constant source of fresh ideas, doable DIYs, and fun features, like Trolling Craigslist, in which Emily turns her expert eye on a city’s Craigslist “furniture for sale” feed and links to choice pieces and rare decor finds, proving you can have a well-designed home no matter where you live (and connecting her readers with some pretty good deals in the process). Plus her design philosophy totally speaks to us:

“I believe an object or piece of furniture should be either functional, beautiful, or sentimental and if can be all three then that is design magic.”

The designer was recently appointed the new Target Home spokesperson, and will be releasing a series of home styling how-to videos through the retailer. You can watch the first one here.

Source: Style By Emily Henderson

Finding high-quality simply-designed home fixtures is harder than you might think. For this reason, Belgian architect Eve van Dyck’s lighting line Zangra has become a cult favorite among European design buffs. Now her clean and simple pieces will finally be available stateside. Remodelista tipped us off to the newly North America–compatible porcelain and glass fixtures, and we’re excited to spread the word.

Source: Remodelista

We’ve been loving the kilim trend for years now, but we’re smitten with Barrington Blue‘s take on the classic textile. Based in Los Angeles, Barrington Blue’s Carrie Olshan creates one-of-a-kind home accessories using vintage textiles found during her travels.

Her bright, cheerful creations are just the thing to switch gears from spring to summer.

Images: Barrington Blue

Looking to liven up and lighten up your space? Homes & Hues recently featured some unique and whimsical lighting alternatives to replace your boring old lamp. Here are some of our favorites:

Starry Light––These lights are drilled with tiny holes to feature real constellations and turn any room into a beautiful night sky.

The Moon––Use as a compliment to your stars or as a subtle glowing light on its own, this moon light is sure to bring some romance to your space.

Skirting Board Sunset––This playful floor lamp designed by Helmut Smits has an adjustable glow to turn any room into a warm sunset.

The Light Drop––A light with a message, this Rafael Morgan design is intended to remind the user to be conscious about their electricity usage as well as their water consumption.

Balloon Lamp––Using a high intensity LED light inside a thicker-than-normal balloon, this Kouichi Okamoto designed light could add the perfect amount of whimsy to a child’s room.

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Homebuyers know that finding the right property can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process with an incredible number of things to consider––location, square footage, number of rooms, backyard. And while we’ve already addressed the things you should check before buying a home, to make the process a little easier, here are 5 things NOT to worry about while house hunting:

1. Paint color––If your style is simple and classic, it can be difficult to envision yourself in a home with a purple kitchen; however, it’s important to remember that the color of the walls is one of the cheapest and easiest changes to make in a home.

2. Furniture/Style––Keep in mind that a home’s decor is only temporary and will be leaving with the previous owners. Do your best to imagine the home as a blank slate.

3. Architectural details (or lack thereof)––Does that wood paneling make you feel like you’re in a hunting lodge? Or have you always dreamed of crown molding? Though you might assume these details can make or break a property, they are actually quite easy to add or remove.

4. Light––Nothing is less home-y feeling than walking in to a dark, cave-like space; but before you dismiss a home completely, consider what small changes you could make to add some light. Are there trees or bushes blocking the windows? Are the windows too small for the room?

5. Current layout––Try to look past how the current owner is using a particular space and look at the bones of the room. Maybe you don’t throw a lot of dinner parties but could really use a family room––consider changing that dining room into your den. Or perhaps that extra bedroom would make a great home office.

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Want to be on the cutting edge of home design? According to CBS MoneyWatch, here are the top 5 trends for 2014:

1. Open kitchens: More often than not, kitchens are no longer a separate room. “Lately we’ve seen a focus on entertaining from our clients,” said Jase Frederick, ASID Illinois’ director of communications. “They are looking for spaces that maximize their ability to gather and relax with friends and family.”

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.26.55 PM

2. Neutral colors: Whites, sandy stones, and gray tones will remain popular over bright, bold colors. “There is also a trend towards subtle glamour – neutral palettes with dazzling details,” Frederick said.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.27.14 PM

3. Universal design: People want to know that their homes will be able to accommodate them as they age so spaces are being designed with long-term residents in mind.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.27.21 PM

4. Quartz countertops: Factory engineered quartz has the same look and feel as granite, but is more durable and its non-porous surface is easier to clean.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.27.31 PM

5. Energy efficient and water-saving appliances: Green appliances from touchless faucets to high efficiency shower heads, dishwashers, and toilets have become (and will remain) the standard in most homes.

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.27.39 PM

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