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Did you know that nearly 21 million wooden pallets—the kind used for cargo, shipping, and storage—end up in landfills every year? According to I-Beam Design, rather than throwing them out, we could use those pallets to house 44,000 refugees using their Pallet House prototype.

With only 100 recycled pallets and about 4-5 people to help with construction, a 250 square foot Pallet House can be built in a week using only hand tools. With those calculations, one and a half years of pallet production in the United States alone could provide a home for 33 million refugees.

“Wooden shipping pallets provide an inexpensive, readily available, sustainable and highly versatile building module that empowers each family to build according to their own needs,” I-Beam says on their website. “Tarps or corrugated roofing prevent water penetration until enough locally available materials like earth, wood and thatch can be gathered to cover the exterior and fill the wall cavities for insulation. The Pallet House adapts to most climates on Earth and provides a longer lasting, more durable solution to housing some of the world’s 33 million displaced people who spend an average of 7 years in refugee camps.”

I-Beam Design is currently working on housing for people who lost their homes during the earthquake in Haiti and Pakistan.

Source: I-Beam Design

Photos: I-Beam Design