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Who rules your “Internet Empire”?

Mark Graham and Stefano De Stabbata, researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute, have created a map to help you answer this very question. By resizing each nation to reflect the number of Internet users and displaying their most popular website, the map provides a geographical look at the global internet sovereigns.

While Facebook comes in second, it is clear that Google reigns supreme as the most popular site in North America, Europe, and parts of south Asia.

“The power of Google on the Internet becomes starkly evident if we also look at the second most visited website in every country,” Graham and De Stabbata write. “Among the 50 countries that have Facebook listed as the most visited visited website, 36 of them have Google as the second most visited, and the remaining 14 countries list YouTube (currently owned by Google).”

In order of popularity, the most visited websites per country are as listed:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Baidu
  4. Yahoo!
  5. AlWatan Voice
  7. VK
  8. Yandex

But why does this matter?

According to Graham and Stabbata, this data may be more significant than we realize:

We are likely still in the very beginning of the Age of Internet Empires. But, it may well be that the territories carved out now will have important implications for which companies end up controlling how we communicate and access information for many years to come.

This article can be found in its original form at The Atlantic

Zuckville: Anton Menlo

Rendering of the Anton Menlo housing complex, via Facebook

Welcome to Zuckville. Or is it Facebookland?

Either way, Facebook has recently announced plans to build a 394-unit housing complex within walking distance of their Menlo Park headquarters. With skyrocketing real estate prices and the ever-growing cost of housing in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Anton Menlo is the social network’s answer to the area’s housing shortage.

To build the new residential community, Facebook has collaborated with local developer St. Anton Partners and enlisted the help of national architecture firm KTGY Group to design the 630,000 square foot complex.

“We designed a community built on amenities and social settings,” said Keith Labus, a principal at KTGY. “Anton Menlo has everything the young professional could want to complement their busy lifestyle.”

These amenities include a sports pub, café, pet spa and doggy daycare, a yoga facility, doctor’s office, bike repair shop, and various restaurants among other conveniences. Facebook has also reserved 15 units to be allocated to low-income housing.

Though generous perks and over-the-top offices aren’t uncommon in the Bay Area’s competitive tech community, Facebook’s new $120 million project has been met with some cynicism; Critics are already likening it to the steelworker and mining company towns in the early 20th century where employer omnipresence fostered unreasonable expectations and blurred the lines between work and home.

Mayor Peter Ohtaki, on the other hand, is “thrilled to have new housing options coming to the City of Menlo Park.”

“Providing new housing opportunities for employees working in the area will allow people to live where they work and to spend more time enjoying this great city,” he said.

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