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Of course you are familiar with the basic process of making traditional wooden furniture: grow tree, cut down tree, use wood to build furniture. The problem with this method, according to furniture designer Gavin Munro, is that there is too much energy spent on the process, meaning it is not at all eco-friendly.

And herein lies the inspiration for the British designer’s Full Grown furniture company, whose process utilizes “specially designed plastic frames to mold young willow, oak, ash and sycamore trees into the shape of chairs, tables, frames, or lamps as they’re growing. Once they’ve matured, each tree has morphed into a fully functional furniture item made from a single piece of wood, no sawing or assembling necessary.”

This is all an attempt to get people to “rethink our relationship with trees and time,” and the creator likened the process to “a kind of organic 3D printing that uses air, soil and sunshine as its source material.”

We love the idea behind the furniture, and we think it would be a beautiful addition to any home. See what you think of the results in the pictures below, and find out more on Full Grown’s website.

Source: Fast Company 

We love rearranging our furniture, but sometimes—thanks to tiny urban apartments—it’s easier said than done. This super flexible space created by Russian design studio Ruetemple makes it so much easier to keep a room looking fresh.

“It was necessary to design a study space, guest sleeping accommodation and a space for various types of recreation, so that one could sit with a book, watch a movie, or welcome a crowd of friends, have a dance party and then accommodate everybody for a night, all in one room,” said the architects.

Who knew moving furniture could be so fun!

Source: Dezeen

Leg Up: The Floyd

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The measure of a clever idea? When it’s so good your first reaction is, “I wish I had thought of that!”

We feel exactly that way about The Floyd Leg. The simple yet brilliant design features a simple clamp mechanism that can adjust to fit any size surface, with powder-coated steel legs in a variety of colors. Made in Detroit, the leg is a perfect solution for those who live in homes with small or unusual floorplans, or those who move frequently.

(Plus, we’re in love with the company’s lust-worthy Instagram account.) 

Images: Floyd

H/T: SwissMiss

We’ve been loving the kilim trend for years now, but we’re smitten with Barrington Blue‘s take on the classic textile. Based in Los Angeles, Barrington Blue’s Carrie Olshan creates one-of-a-kind home accessories using vintage textiles found during her travels.

Her bright, cheerful creations are just the thing to switch gears from spring to summer.

Images: Barrington Blue

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Rene Siebum’s new “Wardrobe” project marries the lines of Shaker wooden furniture with an edgy, modern shapes.

Inspired by geometry, he presented the collection in Milan, where he described his work as “exploring the boundaries, not taking the old customs of woodworking as fact.”

Tessellating wood pieces within a coat rack or blocky stools—It all adds up to designs that are simply spectacular.

Images: © Rene van der Hulst

Source: Dwell


Our newest necessary object? The CATable, designed by Ruan Hao

While we could describe the design, the cat does a pretty good job of illustrating the table’s use.



Source: Contemporist

Images: Ruan Hao