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On a small island called Put-in-Bay in Ohio sits a 90-year-old ship the Benson Ford that has been converted into a house.

Built in 1924, the Benson Ford was a cargo ship for the Ford Motor Company, hauling coal and iron ore across the Great Lakes. The ship was named after Henry Ford’s grandson and at the time was a cornerstone ship of the motor company’s lake transport system.

After 50 years of service, the Benson Ford was sold and renamed, but it never sailed again. For many years it sat rusting away until the front half was removed and sailed to Put-in-Bay on Lake Eerie where it was perched on a cliff. The ship was converted into a house and was sold to a father and son in 1992 after the previous owner failed at turning it into a bed and breakfast.

The owners added a garage, game room and bar and renamed the ship the Benson Ford. The ship-house features original walnut-paneled walls in the dining room, gallery and the lounge that was designed by Henry Ford himself.

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Source: Curbed

Photos: Ship on the Bay