Archives For House Showings

Is it O.K. to allow pets and their stuff to be seen during showings? According to The New York Times, the answer is no.

Stefania Cardinali, an associate real estate broker, explains that not everyone is familiar with dogs and cats. Plus, there’s always a chance that Fluffy won’t like having new people in the home and might bite, claw, or jump on the potential buyer. Fur and dander can also be a problem for prospective buyers with allergies.

When it comes to pet toys and accessories, the fewer the better says Joan Dineen, an architect and dog owner. Dineen’s advice is to leave only the accessories that work with your décor, which means hiding the giant cat trees. (Unless if you have a cute cat pod, like this one from Hepper.) Another recommendation? “De-fur” all the surfaces.

Source: NY Times

Photo: John Burcham for The New York Times