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Imagine a family of four vacationing in a 193-square-feet cottage—sounds like a nightmare, right? Not so. Russian architect Andrey Bugaev designed a truly tiny getaway that he calls “The Ship.” His clever design created enough space for a bathroom with a shower, a living space with a fireplace, sleeping areas, and a small kitchen with plenty of storage. The result is a perfect retreat for a weekend of family bonding.

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The Sandbox House co-living estate Berkley, CA, via Open Door Development

“You are the average of the people you gather around you.” At least according to NEST Copenhagen, one of the latest in a series of co-living spaces popping up around the world.

Inspired by similar co-living spaces like Blackbox Mansion in Silicon Valley and Haus24 in Stockholm, NEST is the equivalent of a modern-day commune for entrepreneurs. This new type of co-habitation was created around the principle of building “intentional communities” comprised of diverse groups of people with “a passion for high-impact ideas.”

The collaborative housing movement has become especially popular in high density, expensive areas like San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Each community generally includes enough space to house a couple dozen residents with a spectrum of rent options making co-living a great affordable housing alternative.

While each resident has their own private living area, the communal living estates put a large emphasis on creating shared space and shared amenities to encourage open dialogue, group activities, and community building, in addition to creating a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Source: Atlantic Cities, Nest Copenhagen, and Open Door.

medium_13f0c086-3f2e-4836-ad8b-df54d93c0b69In honor of our upcoming trip to Dublin for Web Summit, we thought we’d showcase some of the local real estate.

One of our favorite posts is this 4 bedroom Donnybrook home not far from the city center. At 2,002 square feet, the house features a reception hall, drawing room, separate dining and breakfast areas, plus exposed beams and a charming verandah.

The best part is that it’s only 2 miles from the Web Summit venue––we may love Ireland so much, we simply decide to purchase it and stay forever!

134 Stillorgan Rd. is on the market for $750,000 and is listed with Michelle Berg of Lisney.

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