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We LOVE this invention. Pon is a pushpin that holds up your artwork using the same tension functionality of a paperclip, without puncturing the paper. Its inventors call it “preventing picture puncture.” Its clever design allows you to display and preserve your favorite items and artwork, then switch them out when you’re ready.

Pon is currently available through their Kickstarter.

Source: Pon


Imagine if you could harness all the artwork the Internet has to offer. Now imaging that you can access all of those digital creations for display in your own home.

Electric Objects, a collective based in New York, is aiming to deliver a uniquely digital art experience with their EO1 computer. A high-definition screen and integrated computer, EO1 either hangs on your wall or sits on a shelf with a unique stand—projecting various digital works.

The team is even working with major art museums, libraries, and online communities (including Giphy and Behance) to bring a variety of visuals into your home. Check out their successful Kickstarter campaign here.

Images: Electronic Objects

Design Milk recently posted this clever journal from Hanna Yoon. Dubbed the “Experience Journal,” the slim volume offers a visual framework for analyzing and experiencing spaces.

While Hanna designed it so that travelers can capture all of the details of a charming cafe or a museum, we think they’d be perfect for buyers to truly evaluate and track their responses to homes that they tour.

You can find out more about the journal on Hanna’s Kickstarter.

Images: © Hanna Yoon via Design Milk


The Museum of Modern Art’s Design Store will soon make 24 Kickstarter-funded items from 20 different international designers available for purchase.

Starting May 13, you can score this talking raccoon, an easy guide to learning Chinese, the Powerslayer charger, tear-away paper thumb drives, and other clever designs from the crowd-funding site.

(Full disclosure: We want them all.)