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Need to give your home’s exterior some pizzazz before you show it off to buyers? HGTV’s FrontDoor made a list of 8 budget projects that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

1. Repaint the Front Door

Adding a new coat of paint to your front door is an easy way to transform your house. Try painting your door a bright color such as red to make it stand out.

2. Manicure the Lawn

Having a green lawn makes a home stand out since it covers a large portion of the front yard. Make sure to rid your lawn of weeds and have it freshly mowed. If you are in a hurry and want your lawn to be green for a showing, you can spray your lawn with a green lawn spray paint that is nontoxic and environmentally safe.

3. Groom the Beds

Showing buyers that you keep your front yard well maintained is an easy way to boost your curb appeal. Start by removing debris and weeding planting beds. Then to give your landscape a fresh appearance put down a new layer of mulch. If you need to plant some flowers consider brightly colored ones in the spring and summer, and autumn hues such as reds, yellows and oranges in the fall.

4. Wash Off Dirt

Use your garden hose on its strongest setting to wash debris off sidewalks, your driveway and the front of your home. Another option would be to rent a power washer, but be careful not to do any damage to the siding or around the windows.

5. Clear the Driveway

Buyers don’t need to see your garbage and recycling containers in front of your house, so store them in the garage or on the side of your house. Then use a sealant to take care of any cracks in your driveway. Lastly, you don’t want anything blocking the view of your home from the street, so park cars in the driveway or down the street.

6. Make the Windows Shine

Cleaning windows inside and out can make your home sparkle in the sun. Grab a ladder and get to business. First wash them with the hose to remove dirt and cobwebs. Then use a sponge with a small amount of vinegar to scrub them clean and rinse with water after.

7. Update Light Fixtures

Removing outdated front door or garage light fixtures will instantly give your home some added curb appeal. If you don’t want to buy new fixtures you can also try spray-painting your old ones a darker color.

8. Trim Trees and Bushes

Cut overgrown bushes and trees to keep your house visible to potential buyers. Also make sure to remove branches that block walkways and windows.

This article can be found in its original form on HGTV FrontDoor.