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If you’ve got your house ready to show but you’re still living in it, things will invariably end up out of place. Take 15-20 minutes and follow the checklist below to make sure everything’s in shape before you leave your house for a showing.



  • Keep all keys, mail, and documents with personal information out of sight.
  • Store alcohol and prescription drugs out of view, preferably in a locking cabinet.
  • Password protect desktop computers, lock up laptops or take with you.
  • Lock up small valuables like jewelry, watches, mp3 players, tablets, etc.


  • Remove dishes from the sink.
  • Clear counters and tables, store small kitchen appliances out of sight
  • Rinse sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets clean.
  • Store toiletries in cabinets or drawers, straighten hanging towels.
  • Place laundry in covered hampers or otherwise out of view.


  • Put toys away – have a bin at the ready for quick pick-ups.
  • Secure pets in kennels or preferably out of the house.

Tip – get into the habit of running through this list before you leave the house every morning so you won’t need to worry if someone wants schedule a tour while you’re at work.

According to recent data from Pew Research Center, Pinterest is now more popular than Twitter or Instagram. Surveys indicate that while Facebook continues to reign supreme, LinkedIn ranks as the second most popular social network, and Pinterest has surpassed Twitter for third.

But why does this matter?

More than simply being the third most popular social network, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined, and more than either Bing or Yahoo.

Brokers like Michael Gardner of Malibu Real Estate have learned that Pinterest can be a powerful marketing tool for any real estate business. Within minutes of creating a Pinterest board showcasing high quality photos of a luxury mobile home he had listed, he received two showing requests and two weeks later was drafting an offer.

“My marketing campaign now is to pay for ads on Facebook and Google and point them to this site,” he said. “I’ve decided to skip the traditional property site, as people seem far more interested in sharing this.”

Looking for similar results? Here are 5 tips for using Pinterest to drive traffic:

1. Add a URL to the description of your pin: Though Pinterest automatically adds a link to your pinned image, users need to first click to expand the image, then click the image again in order to access the link. By adding a URL to the description, you will streamline this process and make it more likely for a user to click through to the original content.

2. Add categories to your boards: Not only will this make it easier for users to find your specific content, but your pins will show up in the feed for that category in addition to your followers’.

3. Pin popular content: Fortunately for real estate brokers, relevant categories like Home Decor, Design, and Travel & Places, all fall into the top 12 most popular boards on Pinterest. Create boards and pin content that is trending, this will lead to more re-pins and click-throughs.

Pinterest boards from NYC real estate firm The Corcoran Group.

4. Pin your own content: If you want to drive traffic to your own website or blog, pin content directly from the source. Consider adding categories like home decor, neighborhoods, or architecture and design to your blog to help drive traffic. Or use photos from your listings to create boards like “Dream Kitchens,” “The Best of San Diego,” or “Organizing Ideas for the Home Office”.

5. Use hashtags: Adding relevant keywords and hashtags can help users find your content when searching Pinterest. Be specific and unique when naming boards or creating descriptions.

Source: Inman, Social Marketing Writing

Images: Pinterest

Airbnb, an online platform for lodging and short-term rentals, launched their latest campaign Monday featuring who they refer to as “the ultimate traveler”––birds. The company introduces “Birdbnb” with a 5 minute short film called “Home to You,” about 5 artists they commissioned to create 50 birdhouses inspired by actual Airbnb accommodations around the world.

The tiny homes are detailed, nearly exact replicas of their human-sized models, and include some of the site’s most unique and interesting rentals. Check out the slideshow below to view some of the birdhouses:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To view the “Home to You” film or see additional photos of the birdhouses and the rentals that inspired them, visit Birdbnb

Photo credit: Airbnb & The Next Web