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Who said the suburbs had to be boring? By taking into account nightlife, live music, active lifestyle options, number of fast food restaurants (the fewer the better), and percentage of restaurants that are fast food (the lower the better), Movoto has determined the top 10 most exciting suburbs in the United States!

1. Cambridge, MA––With two top tier universities (Harvard and MIT), 18-34-year-olds make up 49% of Cambridge’s population. The suburb ranked in the top 10 for its active life options, live music, and nightlife. Check out favorites like The Druid and The Comedy Studio.

2. Quincy, MA––Only 30 minutes from Cambridge, Quincy’s population of 13-34-year-olds is significantly smaller (27%); however, the suburb still has plenty of places like Olindy’s (active life), Fuji 1546 (karaoke), The Fours (bar), and The Fat Cat (dining) to keep the excitement up. Quincy also boasts a whopping 96% for non-chain restaurants.

3. Berkeley, CA––Home to UC Berkeley, 43% of residents are in the 18-34 age range. Most notably, like much of the Bay Area, Berkeley is known for its healthy lifestyle. Highlights include: numerous parks and yoga studios, as well as nightlife fun including the Jupiter, the Albatross, and the world-renowned Greek Theatre for live music.

4. Miami Beach, FL––Ranked 1st for both music and nightlife, hotspots include LIV or Mango’s. Plus, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the Florida sun, as well as incredible dining options like Yardbird or Puerto Sagua.

5. Santa Monica, CA––The typical Southern California beach community, highlights include the Santa Monica Pier and adjoining beach, the Third Street Promenade, and a great nightlife scene including The Room and Harvelle’s.

6. Lakewood, OH––A suburb of Cleveland, Lakewood’s population includes 30% in the 18-34 range. Though low in active life options, Lakewood’s 97% of non-chain restaurants include Melt and Buckeye Beer Engine.

7. Jacksonville Beach, FL––Right on the Atlantic Ocean, Jacksonville Beach is second only to Miami Beach in terms of nightlife and live music per capita with hotspots like Lynch’s, Engine 15, and the Shim Sham Room. The suburb also placed 4th overall for active life with a number of beaches, waterparks, and golf courses.

8. Tempe, AZ––Though Arizona has a reputation for being popular with retirees, Tempe is the second youngest suburb in the top 10. Nightlife options like Mill Cue Club and dueling piano bar Big Bang, helped Tempe rank 9th overall for clubs and live music.

9. Santa Clara, CA––This suburb of San Jose has a respectable population of young people at 31%, and ranked 20th out of 139 for nightlife. Highlights include a ton of karaoke joints like Arirang Music Studio and California’s Great America theme park.

10. Evanston, IL––Rounding out the top 10, this Chicago suburb was respectable across the board, placing 49th for live music, 23rd for non-chain restaurants, and boasting a 32% young population.

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Photo: Pedro Szekely via Flickr