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We are once again at the end of one year and on the cusp of a new one. While this is a time for friends, family, and fun, we also find ourselves seeking peace, reflection, and renewal. And we can’t think of a place we’d rather pass that introspective time than in this exquisite sauna overlooking Canada’s Georgian Bay. The 800 square foot Grotto Sauna is a marvel of both natural beauty and interior design, and blends in perfectly with the rocky cliffs that surround it. It was thoughtfully designed by PARTISANS as a commission for an Ontario private residence.

While we certainly can’t all be so fortunate to have a place like this of our own, we hope that at some point during this hectic time of year you are able to find a peaceful place, and take a moment for yourself.



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For surfers, winter is a cruel mistress—the best waves roll in during the coldest months. A group of New Hampshire surfers/craftspeople came up with the perfect solution for warming up after a freezing session.

The Surf Sauna is a mobile sauna that can be towed to the beach. The unit is made from naturally rot-resistant, antimicrobial wood and marine-grade steel that can hold up to years of salt water exposure.

Now, there’s no excuse not to rip.


Yesterday we posted about how, now that the housing market is recovering, luxury homes are selling at a faster rate. Brokers and sellers are once again highlighting key features to help sell their million-dollar homes, and Househappy makes it easier than ever to call attention to the qualities that make a property unique.

This 4 bedroom, 3.1 bathroom Portland home is the perfect example. By simply selecting the appropriate boxes on the list of Property Features, a broker can list everything from the elevator and basketball court to the wine cellar and sauna. This tool is also useful for buyers searching for homes with specific features by allowing them to filter homes that may not fit their particular needs.

For example, if a buyer is looking for a home with a city view or places a high value on a gourmet kitchen with a chef range and double ovens, using the Househappy search filters will bring them to this property faster than if they were to view each listing one by one.

2817 NW Fairfax Terrace is listed with Sandy Moore of Bellmoore Realty and is on the market for $1,199,626.

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