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If you  are putting your home on the market anytime soon, safety should be a top priority. Below we outlined a few tips to help you prepare.

  1. Make sure valuables are locked up or off-premises during showings and open houses. Jewelry, cash, liquor, checkbooks and credit cards, prescription drugs, keys and other small valuables should all be out of reach when your home is being toured. Safeguard your personal information, too – lock your computer and filing cabinets and don’t leave bills that might show your account numbers lying out.
  2. Choose an agent who uses an electronic lockbox system. Modern electronic lockboxes restrict access to licensed real estate professionals and track every time someone uses the lockbox to enter your home.
  3. Don’t show your home by yourself. If you wouldn’t normally let a stranger into your home and show them around just because they asked, adding a For Sale sign to the yard shouldn’t change that. Direct any inquiries about the property to your real estate agent, who will pre-screen buyers and collect contact information before bringing anyone through. If you opt to sell your home without the help of a real estate agent, this still applies – insist that all showings be prescheduled, collect contact information and verify drivers licenses of potential buyers before they come for a tour, and try to have someone else there any time you are showing your house.
  4. Either take your pets with you or keep them penned during showings. This prevents both the possibility of your pet getting loose during the showing and/or attacking an agent or potential buyer. Even usually calm animals can sometimes get defensive when unfamiliar people are in their space and you could be held liable for any injuries.petsemail
  5. Check that your home is securely locked up after showings and open houses. Doors and windows might be left unlocked unintentionally by distracted buyers trying to take in everything about your home, or would-be-thieves who intend to come back and use the entry later. Either way, you can help keep your home safe by doing a quick walk-through to check the locks after any tour.
  6. If you are selling a vacant home, consider a home staging service. Staging a home can help keep it from looking empty to a casual passerby and decrease your chance of a break-in. Use timers on the lights to boost the illusion that someone lives there. Bonus: According to the National Association of Realtors, “staged homes sell 80% quicker, and for up to 11% more money than non-staged properties.”


kitchen-cabinet_365For many of us, our homes are the most valuable thing we own. Whether you plan on selling or are simply looking to add value to your investment, Homesessive has provided seven simple adjustments that can help make your home worth more money:

Inspect often.  Prospective buyers will want to have the house professionally inspected before they decide to close the deal. As a homeowner, it is good to get in a habit of having your home inspected so that there are no surprises that could hurt the value of your home such as mold or water damage.

Add extra seating. This is a very simple thing to do and can make a big difference in the eyes of potential buyers. Adding an extra table with a few chairs in an empty space can show potential which translates into your home having a higher perceived value.

Go minimalist. When getting ready to show your home, it’s helpful to de-clutter first. From the standard clutter to furniture that isn’t necessary, clearing out some things will make your house seem larger and look more organized.

Paint your cabinets. Giving cabinets a fresh coat of paint can be a less costly and time-consuming alternative to replacing them. A new paint color will help hide scratches and give your home a fresh look.

Use potted plants. Not everyone has the space for a lush garden or the time to take care of one. Groupings of potted plants can help bring some greenery to your porch and instantly add to your home’s curb appeal.

When in doubt, add storage. No potential buyer ever complains about a home having too much storage. Establish a more organized atmosphere by adding extra storage features in cabinets and drawers––the kitchen is a great place to start.

Make it shine. Make the surfaces in your home sparkle by cleaning anything that’s stainless steel or glass such as faucets, sinks, and windows.

Source: Homesessive

Photo: Real Simple

Househappy headquarters in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District

Househappy is very excited to announce that we have secured an additional $1.5 million in series A financing led by Jeff Greenberg, Senior VP Electronic Media and Director at Skechers.

“I could not be more proud of the progress we have made in the 7 months since our launch,” said Kevin McCloskey, our CEO/founder. “Our team has been working hard to build a product that we believe in. This new round of funding will allow us to maintain that forward momentum and continue building.”

The capital is in addition to the $1 million seed round received previously from angel investors. It will be used to expand our growing team and further development of our products and services for buyers, brokers, and sellers.

In addition to his position with Skechers, Mr. Greenberg is the founder of G9 development, a luxury real estate development company located in Manhattan Beach, CA. He will also serve on Househappy’s board of directors.

“In our line of work, we are constantly using real estate search platforms,” he said. “When I was introduced to Househappy, I felt like it provided solutions to a lot of what was missing from the existing sites…I expect big things from Househappy and I am looking forward to being a part of it.”

For additional information, please see our press release