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Word Up: Book Shelf

Househappy —  August 25, 2014 — Leave a comment

If you’ve ever judged a book by its cover, then you’ll enjoy these clever storage boxes that use hardcover books as a sliding trapdoor.

Designed by Aust & Amelung, the Book Box shelving system allows you to easily remove the book if you want to read it, while still making it easy to enjoy the jacket art as an artistic focal point.

Source: Fast Company

Photos: © Merlin Laumert

Picture a staircase in your mind… You probably just thought of some steps and a handrail, right? But who said stairs had to be boring? Check out some of these beautifully designed, unique staircases:

Photos: Inhabitat, Uber Inspiration, Decoist, & Home Trend Design

Using trap doors, hidden compartments, and secret passages, Spanish architecture firm Elii managed to transform this attic loft into a functional, yet playful, apartment for their client Dido Fogué.

Fogué, who describes herself as a heavy metal fan with a soft spot for Hello Kitty, challenged Elii principles (including Eva Gil Lopesino, Carlos Palacios, and Uriel Fogué Herreros) to design her 620 square foot space around the theory that life is a performance and the apartment is the stage.

“Every house, in a way is a theater, where you perform your everyday life,” said Herreros. “In this case, the apartment was designed for somebody who was starting a new life and in this domestic stage, she will be able to test and try this new leaf.”

$75,000 later, Fogué’s home includes an open floor plan filled with clever space-saving contraptions to meet the diverse demands of her daily life. Check out some of the camouflaged additions below, including a table and benches that drop down from the ceiling, a secret dressing table built into the bathroom floor, hidden storage compartments, and lightweight partitions that can be easily repositioned to create a separate dining room or extra bedroom for guests.

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Photos: Elii