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Summer is our favorite season. Hiking, camping, surfing, or just bopping around town, we love packing up a few things and taking off.

We spotted these rugged, retro backpacks from YKRA over at Cool Hunting. YKRA is based in Budapest, run out of the basement of the town’s only surf bar. Each sack is built by hand and made to last. (Now, if only summer would last as long.)

Images: YKRA


For surfers, winter is a cruel mistress—the best waves roll in during the coldest months. A group of New Hampshire surfers/craftspeople came up with the perfect solution for warming up after a freezing session.

The Surf Sauna is a mobile sauna that can be towed to the beach. The unit is made from naturally rot-resistant, antimicrobial wood and marine-grade steel that can hold up to years of salt water exposure.

Now, there’s no excuse not to rip.