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While many homes already have ‘smart’ technology like a security system or television that can be accessed and managed through your phone or tablet, Samsung aims to take this one step further by introducing Smart Home.

The Smart Home app includes three main features (Device Control, Home View, and Smart Customer Service) and will allow users to control their TVs, home appliances, and handheld devices in a single platform.

Device Control

What it does: Personalize the settings on your electronics and turn them on or off remotely.

How you’ll use it: Control the lights or temperature from your phone or use voice commands to control several appliances at one time––for example, the phrase ‘going out’ can trigger your lights, TV, and computer to shut off simultaneously.

Home View

What it does: Use the cameras built-in to your TV and other devices to take a remote peek inside your home.

How you’ll use it: Be your own security––check up on your house by using real-time streaming on your smartphone.

Smart Customer Service

What it does: Notifies users when appliances need servicing or consumables need to be replenished.

How you’ll use it: Receive updates from your fridge when you’re running low on milk or get notified when your washing machine is about to break down.

For the time being, the Smart Home technology is limited to Samsung products; however, the company is looking to extend its service to third-party manufacturers in the future.

Sources: Digital Trends and Hexus 

Image: Samsung

If you own an iPhone, Blackberry, smartphone, or tablet, you know that the screen needs direct contact with your skin in order to operate; these touchscreen-friendly gloves by Etre allow you to use your device without sacrificing hand warmth.

Our favorite part? Even on the coldest winter day, you can still scroll and search for property on Househappy! (See photo above).

Etre gloves come in two options:

Etre FIVEPOINT Gloves: Made with special contactwoven® fingertips, “they do what other gloves don’t: They let you use touchscreens without having to take them off.”

Quick facts about FIVEPOINT:

  • They’re compatible with all touchscreen devices.
  • They allow you to interact with all five points on each hand––all ten finger and thumb tips are conductive, enabling any kind of input including touch typing on the iPad or other tablets.
  • The whole of each finger and thumb tip is conductive, to enable precise input.
  • They’re made from virgin wool/cashmere––warm enough to keep your hands toasty and soft enough to avoid scratching your device.

Etre Touchy Gloves: “Their missing thumb and index fingertips provide the freedom to text, tweet and touch—while also allowing you to snap photos, take notes and shoot film in wintry conditions.”

Touchy gloves allow for a wider range of activities and are useful for:

  • Smartphones
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets and other touchscreen devices
  • Stylus-operated devices including all PDAs
  • Portable video games systems
  • iPods and other portable media players
  • e-Book readers including all Amazon Kindle/Kindle Paperwhite and Sony Reader
  • Cameras and camcorders
  • Braille

Check out the Etre shop for more info and style options––this could be the perfect holiday gift!

Photo via Etre, edited by Househappy.