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It’s finally getting warm enough to start packing up our sweaters and thinking about the sunny days ahead—and about cooling down our homes.

Treehugger discovered this low-tech air conditioner that relies on clay and evaporation. The designer of the Cold Pot, Thibault Faverie, describes how the unit works:

Based on “bio air-conditioning,” the porous terracotta surface acts as a heat exchange; it absorbs water from the inside and sends it to the outer surface. On contact with air, the water evaporates. The change from a liquid state to a gaseous one results in the cooling of the object and consequently the inner aluminum pipe, where air circulates.

While the air conditioner doesn’t seem to be available for purchase yet, you can see more over on his website.

Our overall takeaway? The Cold Pot is pretty cool.

Images: © Thibault Faverie