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Sometimes it’s hard to incorporate greenery into a space. That’s why we’re always impressed to find unusual gardens.

Vogue Living put together this group of nine vertical gardens that take green thumbs to new heights.

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Picture a staircase in your mind… You probably just thought of some steps and a handrail, right? But who said stairs had to be boring? Check out some of these beautifully designed, unique staircases:

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Rendering of the Citadel, via Newstudio

In 2014 Dutch developers ONW/BNG GO will begin construction on the world’s very first floating apartment complex. The Citadel will consist of 60 luxury units in a high density arrangement (30 units per acre of water). It is the first project in the area dubbed ‘New Water’, designed by Netherlands based firm Waterstudio.

According to their site, Waterstudio is “confronting the challenge of developing solutions to the problems posed by urbanization and climate change”:

The prognoses is that by 2050 approximately 70% of the world’s population will live in urbanized areas. Given the fact that about 90% of the world’s largest cities are situated on the waterfront, we have arrived to a situation where we are forced to rethink the way we live with water in the built environment. Considering the unpredictability of future developments and unanticipated needs, we should come up with flexible strategies––planning for change. Our vision is that large-scale floating projects in an urban environment provide a tangible solution to these problems that is both flexible as well as sustainable.

The Citadel will be built on a polder, a recessed area below sea level where flood waters settle from heavy rains. There are approximately 3,500 polders in the Netherlands which are continually pumped dry to keep flood waters from destroying nearby homes and buildings. The New Water project will be constructed in dry dock and is designed to float after the area is re-flooded.

The complex was also designed with an emphasis on sustainability. With greenhouses, water cooling techniques, and aluminum facade, the Citadel is estimated to use 25% less energy than a conventional land-locked building.

For design renderings of the Citadel, check out the gallery below:

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Sources: Gizmag, Inhabitat, and Waterstudio.NL.