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With our headquarters located in Portland, Oregon, we at Househappy are pretty accustomed to the idea of city chickens.

But in other cities that are newer to urban farming, like Manhattan, navigating the do’s and don’ts can be tricky. The New York Times recently wrote about the difficulties of growing your own in the Big Apple—especially when it comes to neighbors and real estate valuations.

Some brokers say that a well-maintained urban farm can add to a property’s value, while others say that a vegetable garden is a better asset than a rustic chicken coop. (Although chicken diapers can help with smell and mess.) And for those with neighbors who raise chickens, rabbits, or bees, selling an adjacent unit could be difficult if potential buyers see the hobby as a nuisance.

So is the city chicken here to stay? Are micro gardens the future of nourishing city dwellers?


Image: Flickr


If you read one article on the Internet today, it should be this one from Cool Hunting.

Artist Kate Daughdrill bought a home for $600 in Detroit and turned it into a community-focused urban farms that spans eight lots. With her neighbors, Kate hosts community dinners, started a CSA, and throws seasonal art openings in the potting shed.

She calls the homestead Burnside Farm. We call it inspiring.

Images, from top: © Kate Doughdrill; David Graver; Ali Elisabeth Lapatina