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Now that the housing market is recovering, million dollar homes are selling faster than ever; And while sellers may have downplayed certain features during the great recession, it is once again acceptable to promote those “extras” that make your luxury homes unique.

According to experts, the most desirable trends right now are marble, impressive windows, and wine cellars:

Listings for luxury properties with wine cellars have risen 30% over the past two years. Marble baths are up 78%; oversized windows, 56%; floor-to-ceiling windows, 39%; marble floors, 30%; ceiling windows, 37%; gyms, 28%; private elevators and tennis courts, each up 24%. Home listings with panoramic views and ocean views are both up 18%. In contrast, the number of listings featuring hardwood floors and plantation shutters each fell by 13%. Listings for barbecues and hardwoods were down 13%.

These trends let sellers and brokers know what to emphasize when selling a luxury home. Using certain keywords or highlighting specific features may help your listing stand out to potential buyers.

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